Cyber Intelligence

Today our personal, sensitive or classified data are subject to being stolen for different purposes. This information can be archived or saved in physical places such as digitally on computers, external memories such as in the cloud. The management of security and access to these places, preventing an attack from the outside as well as from the inside (the workers of a company or personnel who have access to said company), can be decisive for the protection of information.

Privacy carries out audits or studies of possible attacks and/or vulnerabilities in the face of possible theft of information, advising what measures should be taken to prevent the information to be protected from being stolen. Counter espionage techniques are also taught. Techniques against espionage, talks on security and data protection as well as recovery of lost or deleted data on computers and mobile devices are also taught.

Who is it addressed to?

  • Companies.
  • Law firm.
  • Town halls.
  • Public services.
  • Public Entities.
  • Personal and/or individual.



If you have accidentally lost or deleted information from a computer or mobile device, it may be possible to recover it. offers a completely confidential information recovery service. All these works are subject to a confidentiality agreement, so the information will always be safe. For more information, contact the following form.

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