Double factor authentication: what is it and why is it recommended to use it?


Everyone wants security in their private life, our data is very important, our privacy is important and therefore, it must be protected. There are people who steal user data for different purposes, if this happens, it is because somewhere that we do not know, they have a value and for this reason, we have to protect our privacy.

To do this, today, almost anywhere, we have the possibility of configuring our email accounts or social networks, for example the “Double authentication factor”. This system makes our account more secure, why? Because if someone, with bad intentions, manages to have access to our username and password, they would have to physically have our mobile phone to be able to have access to this double authentication factor.

We can configure this system in two ways. One of them is that we have a password on our mobile that changes every 30 seconds, so that if in that time we do not write the password that appears to us, we will not have access. The other option would be for them to send us an SMS to our mobile and write the code they have sent us.

Not all accounts offer these two options, but both are secure since the phone will always be protected by us. If you still do not have your accounts configured in this way, it is highly recommended that you do so, not only because data is stolen, but also to avoid identity theft. Normally, these types of settings are in the “Security” section. Read the instructions well, write down and keep everything they ask you very well in a safe place, avoid uploading sensitive data such pas passwords or QR codes to the cloud (Drive, iCloud… non-encrypted clouds).

If you are a ProtonMail user, here is a guide that will help you to make the configuration (guide).


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