My mobile phone does things for me


Today we think that our mobile phones have a certain “artificial intelligence”, without doing anything we offer us certain services. The clearest example would be the clothing store, a bar… Any establishment we enter, after a while, the mobile phone asks us to assess the store where we have been, is this accidental? How does my mobile phone know that I have been to that store? Everything has an explanation, on the one hand, the mobile phone may have the “location” function activated, if so, it is possible that the mobile phone is tracking all the user’s movements and saving them somewhere. Google usually does it, so it would be recommended that you visit this website: here you can see everything that Google knows about you.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you have Wi-Fi activated. Having the Wifi activated all the time means that your mobile phone is trying to connect to each available network, thus making a follow-up map, see example in the image:

It is recommended, when we do not want to be connected to a Wifi network, deconfigure u bypass the Wi-Fi network to which we have connected, in this way, the device will erase the settings and then, you will have to deactivate the Wi-Fi network:

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