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October is European Cybersecurity Month, making this the perfect time to assess your security. We’re sharing some of our most important cybersecurity guides to help. 

Privacy Matters. Protect yourself with our cybersecurity guides. At Proton, your security is our top priority. We believe your data belongs to you and you alone, which is why we protect it with end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption. Unfortunately, your security is not simply an on/off switch, nor is it something you can outsource to a single tool or service. Rather, it requires your input and attention. Your cybersecurity relies upon your behaviors, systems, and tools, and it’s only as strong as your weakest link.

For example, if you use Proton Mail, set strong passwords, and use two-factor authentication but fall for repeated phishing attacks (emails that pretend to be from a trusted source to get you to share information), you’ll put your information at risk. That’s why we created these guides, so you can protect yourself and stay in control of your information.

To help you cover your cybersecurity bases, we’ve compiled several of our guides so you can follow them and keep yourself safe.

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