How much do you know about Proton?


    How much do you know about Proton?

    1 - Where does Proton come from?

    2 - Who is the CEO of Proton?

    3 - Is Proton open source?

    4 - Who has access to the user's emails in Proton?

    5 - Are emails encrypted at all times?

    6 - What type of encryption does Proton use to protect your contacts?

    7 - Can Proton protect me from emails that contain trackers?

    8 - How does Proton protect my calendar?

    9 - Proton Drive protects my files in the cloud with end-to-end encryption, but can I send them securely?

    10 - What data can a Proton VPN protect?

    11 - As a Swiss VPN provider, does Proton log your activity?

    12 - What kind of technology does Proton use to increase speed when using Proton VPN?

    13 - Can I easily migrate my email account to Proton?

    14 - Does Proton have Two Factor Authentication protection?

    15 - Is it important for my privacy that Proton is based in Switzerland?


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