Test – How much do you know about Proton?


How much do you know about Proton?

1 - Where does Proton come from?

2 - Who is the CEO of Proton?

3 - Is Proton open source?

4 - Who has access to the user's emails in Proton?

5 - Are emails encrypted at all times?

6 - What type of encryption does Proton use to protect your contacts?

7 - Can Proton protect me from emails that contain trackers?

8 - How does Proton protect my calendar?

9 - Proton Drive protects my files in the cloud with end-to-end encryption, but can I send them securely?

10 - What data can a Proton VPN protect?

11 - As a Swiss VPN provider, does Proton log your activity?

12 - What kind of technology does Proton use to increase speed when using Proton VPN?

13 - Can I easily migrate my email account to Proton?

14 - Does Proton have Two Factor Authentication protection?

15 - Is it important for my privacy that Proton is based in Switzerland?


  1. Wow, I’m realy amazed at myself. 13 correct answers out of 15. Wow. Makes me happy and yes proud to 😃.


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