Why email security is important


When we want to communicate with someone we can do it in many ways, one of the ways is using email. This service seems like a very simple way to use, but you have to take into account very important things.

Today there are different cyber attacks with different interests to emails, especially to large companies, also to small and medium-sized companies and also to anyone.

For these reasons, each person would have to take steps to protect their email. One of the biggest attacks that are usually carried out are the well-known “identity theft”. They are frequent attacks, not only will the attackers have access to the user’s data, they will also have the option to impersonate the attacked user.

This is a clear example of the problems that could happen in our day to day, if this example were used in a large company, the consequences could be greater due to the loss of prestige, damage to workers and even possibly, economic losses. To an individual person, the loss of his data, damage to his honor … Depending on the degree of the situation, the consequences would be different, but all of them negative.

For these reasons and many more, each person, company or workplace or educational center, would have to take action. Many times this type of problem has been warned, but it is difficult to take the measures, many times, it is usually late and these measures are taken when an attack has already been suffered.

One of the services that works best in email security is ProtonMail. It is the safest service that exists today. I recommend it to any person, company or workplace. If you want to know more about how ProtonMail works, here you can see in detail how it works (more information). Privacy comes first, privacy matters.


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