Xabier Durruti, head of, is a Technical Specialist in Cyber Intelligence. He performs security audits on companies, organizations, groups, institutions and individuals to prevent the theft of sensitive, confidential or classified information, in addition to this, he offers anti-espionage techniques to companies or whoever thinks they need it.

He gives talks on security and data protection.

He performs recovery work for deleted or lost data from mobile devices (mobile phones or tablets) such as computers or hard drives.


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Protect yourself with our cybersecurity guides

Protect yourself with our cybersecurity guides

October is European Cybersecurity Month, making this the perfect time to assess your security. We’re sharing some of our most important cybersecurity guides to help.  Privacy Matters. Protect yourself with our cybersecurity guides. At Proton, your security is our top...

Why you need a private email service

Why you need a private email service

Why you need a private email service. Private email is not just about blocking prying eyes or avoiding creepy online ads. Privacy is a basic human right that you need to protect yourself and ultimately defend your freedom, whoever you are, wherever you live. Your...

How TikTok’s in-app browser threatens your privacy

How TikTok’s in-app browser threatens your privacy

TikTok’s in-app browser can track every button or link you tap and every keystroke you type, according to an iOS Privacy review article from tech privacy researcher Felix Krause. This goes beyond the standard data collection we’ve sadly come to expect from social...

Proton web’s journey from polyrepo to monorepo

Proton web’s journey from polyrepo to monorepo

Last year at Proton, we migrated from a polyrepo architecture to a monorepo architecture to make it easier to manage the packages that are part of our front-end web application stack. We’d been facing problems for some time, and after considering our options, we...


Today privacy is essential, something that most people downplay. Our privacy is everywhere, from when we turn on our mobile phone, tablet or computer to when we take a picture or even when we browse the Internet. Our data is important, our privacy is important.

This is why, a partner of Proton (ProtonMail, ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive and ProtonVPN) has emerged. The purpose of Privacy is to make users aware of the importance of individual and collective privacy, especially when it comes to technology. For this, whoever wants it, from Privacy there are talks about this topic, advice and the Proton service (ProtonMail, ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive and ProtonVPN) is presented. Demonstrations of the use of the tools offered by Proton are carried out and advice is given on how to protect individual privacy in the use of technology both at a personal and business level. For more information, you can use the form to get in touch.

Audits are also carried out to prevent attacks or attempts to steal sensitive, confidential information… for more information click here. does not collect user information, it uses the service Matomo to obtain statistics of visits to the web. The information received through the form is protected on the servers of ProtonMail (Switzerland). The email received in the form will be used only to get in touch, it will not be sold or given to anyone.

The person in charge of is Xabier Durruti. Who is Xabier Durruti?