What is Privacy.eus?

Today privacy is essential, something that most people do not give importance to. Our privacy is everywhere, when we turn on the mobile phone, tablet or computer or when taking a photograph or even when we surf the Internet. Our data is important, our privacy is important.

That is why Privacy.eus, a partner of Proton (ProtonMail and ProtonVPN), has emerged. The purpose of Privacy is to make users aware of the importance of individual and collective privacy, especially as far as technology is concerned. To do this, whoever wishes, from Privacy talks about this topic, advice and the Proton service (ProtonMail and ProtonVPN) is presented. There are demonstrations of the use of the tools offered by ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. Advice is given on how to protect individual privacy in the use of technology both on a personal and business level. For more information, you can use the form to get in touch.

Privacy.eus does not collect user information, it uses Matomo service to obtain statistics on visits to the web. The information received by the form is protected on the servers of ProtonMail (Switzerland). The email received in the form will be used only to get in touch, it will not be sold or given any information to anyone.

Xabier Durruti is responsible for Privacy.eus. Who is Xabier Durruti?