Who is Xabier Durruti?

Firm defender of user privacy in the technological field. Hardworking and professional at work. Speaker on technology and privacy.

  • Technical Specialist in Cyber Intelligence – OSINT (Open-source intelligence).
    • OSINT-related work is done.
    • Audits and security analysis in prevention of computer attacks as the objective of information theft directed at any area, from companies, entities, law firms,… to individuals, with total security and confidentiality.
    • Attack reports are created in order to obtain or protect sensitive, confidential information…
    • Anti-espionage methods and techniques.
    • Partner of the company Proton – Switzerland (ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, ProtonDrive and ProtonCalendar).
    • Expert and forensic computer.
    • Recovery of lost or deleted information on mobile devices (tablets or mobile phones), laptops or desktop computers.
    • Talks and workshops on Privacy and Computer Security are given to groups, entities, associations… as well as individually.
    • Former member of the Commission for the Promotion of Euskera in the Digital Media of the Euskera Advisory Council (Basque Government).
    • Computer Forensic Studies. Technology and computing in general, ability to configure devices and perform repairs:
    • For more information and details, request by clicking here.

* See some work done. (more information here).

* https://www.theworldstimes.com/ read the full interview here.

* Computer security talk at the University of Gasteiz: https://vimeo.com/559834066


  • Apple:
    • macOS.
    • iOS.
    • iMac.
    • iphone.
    • macbook pro.
    • iPad.
    • iWatch.
  • Linux.
  • Windows.
  • Video editing and recording using the following software:
    Final Cut Pro.
    Pixelmator Pro.